Saturday, October 16, 2010

Digital Miri City

On 14th Oct 2010, we saw the official launch of Digital Miri City Strategy.
Miri at night.
Launching by Deputy Chief Minister
A huge crowd turned up, comprising people from the government, Curtin, Shell and others.
Mr Teoh, big boss from Sain gave the opening speech.
Hellen from SSB signed on behalf of the company.
Planting of "3 pillars". I forgot what they mean.
Some of the staff from SSB.
Everyone was treated for a meal. There was more than enough food for everyone.
Catering was by Julia Catering. I think the food was not bad. Can be recommended!
Many stayed back for the grand lucky draw prize of an Apple iPhone. This lucky student from Riam got it!
I was hoping to hear the real plan to turn Miri into a digital City. But just high level talk!


Vincent said...

i dun understand what is this for? mind explain?

William said...

Vincent: You don't worry, I was there to listen to 3 speeches and I am still blur! I thought Teoh will provide some solid vision and action plan on this digital city concept. But he gave a chat... no prepared paper, no vision, but answers to two press questions. I was disappointed! New blood is needed in Sain.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yeah...don't know what Digital City means until today....How? Where? When?

who are the vendors?

Who will profit most?

Vincent said...

from the name, i can't figure out how the council will do it.

William said...

CY: Digital camera for crime prevention, maybe another "digital corridor" for Miri, computerised complain system, computerised council, etc. Those are all existing stuff. How to move forward? They need bright ideas from you and me and students.

Vincent: I think it is just a strategy.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

E-forms for everything...and E-commerce...E- Mart E- govt...E-homes (like Bill Gates') E- marriage certificates E- medicine E- parking coupons E- whisky....E- music ...E- prayers E- divorce E- land titles...E- legal aid....E-post card (can be done) E-robbery report...and how do you E-report a robbery of a public computer?

And there will so many people left out...or marginalised...E-marginalised...that's the down side.

I am very excited by this idea of a digitalised city..... Email me a cup of Capuccino please...that's a digital service...

William said...

CY: E- everything

E-smell and e-taste the cappuccino.