Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Limbang Trip

We went to Limbang to visit our aging grandma and also my second sister. My 2nd brother-in-law just pass away two weeks earlier. We left Miri at 4:20PM and arrived in Limbang at about 7:00PM. The queue at the immigration was short by any standard! We went for "dinner" at the lake garden on Bukit Mas. The road up the hill was dark and when we arrive, they have no customer!
After we ordered food, there was a blackout! So, the boss switched on his car headlight so that they can cook. Then, they gave us a candle. Ah Jon and Janice.
Joshua was fast... the moment he arrived at the place, he found what he liked to eat... fried chicken chop costing RM12!!
Timothy loves his usual... lemon chicken rice.
For the rest of us, we have 炒煮麵. Total cost... RM45!! I know my friend STP in Sibu will faint when he hear this!
We met my 4th brother...
... and my 3rd sister's eldest daughter.
My 2nd sister is so thin. She looks older than her age.
Grandma is getting old. She is 92 this year and every time we met, she repeat the same thing... and predicted her own dxxxx!
This time, she has toothache. A wisdom tooth is giving her problem.
Her collapsed or compression fracture of the vertebrae or spine is very serious. She is forever suffering pain. An x-ray of the bone can be seen in one of my blogs. So, we must take care of ourselves and have enough calcium. Her back is seriously bent.
Departure after less than 24 hours is not very nice. The older generation always loves the younger one. She insisted on giving away her limited fund to our children for good luck. What can we do? We just accepted it or we will be seen as "disobedient"! 


reanaclaire said...

92 years old is a good age.. but pity her bent back.. yes, we must have enough calcium..
i thought the last pic, the young gives her money.. so it is the other way round.. :)

Sarawakiana@2 said...

It is always very emotional to meet our aged parent(s). You are a good son/son-in-law/brother/etc....!!!!

suituapui said...

LOL!!! No lights, no discount kah? Chicken chop RM12, same price as hotel coffee house and some nice cafes here. old. My mum's 80...and cannot walk already. I wouldn't want to live that long...

MaryMoh said...

A very touching post about meeting family members. Meeting up is always so sweet but leaving is always the hardest thing. It's hardest to live old and not healthy. A reminder that all of us need to take good care of our health.

William said...

claire: yes, esp ladies, please take care when your body still absorb calcium.

CY: yes... don't feel like leaving and then no choice...

STP: Lucky that they didn't add in other bugs as ingredient, or did they?! I already said that you will faint when u see the prices! Please live a good old age.

Mary: yes, yes... I am sure you will take care.