Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Trip Back from Limbang

We went back to Limbang on Friday and return to Miri on Saturday as I had function to attend on Saturday night. The trip back was fast at the Limbang side...
However, when we reached Sg Tujuh side, we found a long queue some 1KM plus away from the checkpoint . We thought there was an accident... never mind, we wait in queue. An hour later, we finally reached the check point and realised that it was actually a very long queue. The checkpoint officers must had been working extremely hard!
After passing Brunei side, we had to queue again on the Sarawak side... finally, we could see the checkpoint!
On the Sarawak side, a new immigration checkpoint is being built! It is a huge complex and I hope it will ease up border crossing.
I was told that it will be holiday in Brunei for the next few days. So, many cars crossed over to Miri. Some people actually waited from 8AM and didn't arrive until 1PM. So, we have been very lucky.
It seems that every time we went back to Limbang, something would go wrong with my car. Last time, it couldn't charge. This time, the aircon compressor jammed and therefore burnt out the moment we started our journey from Limbang. So, we have no aircon from Limbang to Miri and have to be baked under the hot sun for four hours!


suituapui said...

Ya...I've heard about the jams at the checkpoints. Never been to I never experienced it myself.

Elisha Batuncang said...

Especially during weekends and public holidays, if you're traveling along the Miri-Brunei-Limbang-Brunei-Lawas road, you'll spending most of your travel time queuing at the checkpoints.

A 3 hours journey could be 12 hours journey.

By the way, I'm from Lawas. =)

William said...

STP: I can tell you that it is a nightmare.

Elisha: Agreed. I think they can learn how other countries did it so fast. I was in Europe some 30 years ago and they hardly stamp the passport. Just look and go.

Elisha Batuncang said...

I don't think Asian countries would implement what the European countries were practicing. Possibly, they we're trying to protect their own country from unknown threats.

It is also another way for the government to "collect money" for the payment of application or renewing passports.

William said...

Eli, are probably right. We are so far behind in being "open". Probably this is for "our good".