Sunday, May 30, 2010

Loyal Dog

This evening, Joshua and myself decided to cycle over to Pujut 7 (about 1KM away) to buy some chicken feed. Snowie, our dog, saw us on the bicycles and was very excited and insisted on following. No matter how hard we discouraged her to follow, it just didn't work. So, we decided to ride very fast and we found her "out-of-sight" as we reached Pujut 7. We entered Pujut 7D, did our shopping at the shop, and exit via Pujut 7C.
When we reached Pujut 7, we didn't see her and thought that she had gone back. We cycled back and found her not at home. There was no sign of her even at 8:00PM. We decided to go out looking for her and we found Snowie still waiting at Pujut 7D junction! Obviously she saw us entering Pujut 7D but expecting us to come out using the same road.
Fortunately we went out looking for her. Otherwise, I would be feeling so guilty if anything happens to her! She was so happy when she saw our car after waiting for 3 hours! How loyal is this dog of ours!


wenn said...

such cute dog! admire its loyalty!

Janice ♥ said...'s the rabbit at home btw?

mousie said...

left the doggie there... luckily she didn't go wandering around... if not you won't be able to find her dy... i wonder why she didn't find her way back...haha

reanaclaire said...

my gosh.. she is waiting there patiently??? wow.. so pitiful.. and yet so lovable.. i lost one of my dogs before.. it is really heartbreaking one..

Teresa Ting said...

When Snowie still did not come home at night after 3 hours or more, I was worried that she might be run over by car by trying to cross the very busy Pujut 7 to follow Daddy or Pujut 5 when trying to find her way back. She has not been trained to be 'street wise' to avoid the cars when crossing the road!

I was not that worried that she would be 'kidnapped' by people as she is a local full grown dog unless people wanted to make a meal out of her!

On the other hand, I remembered the you-tube story of the loyal dog waiting for its master for weeks at the spot/site of the accident where the master died. Hence, I got the feeling that she might still be waiting for Daddy and Joshua to cycle back through the same route.

Indeed! she was found patiently waiting at Pujut 7 (fortunately did not attempt to cross the busy road) and was glad that she was not hurt and came home safely!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Good people have loyal dogs!!