Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pre Gawai shopping

Today, all the supermarkets have one day sales. E-Mart must be the busiest of all. Their carts are extra large and two carts could hardly pass each other along their narrow space between the shelves. Worse, there were so many shoppers that everyone was squeezing around.
As Joshua pushed his cart around the people, one of the wheels must have run over the toe of a middle age lady. She turned and scolded Joshua "can't you see my foot?". I quickly apologise to her... haih... can't she make sure that her toes are out of the way!

Anyway, things were cheap. Chicken wing @RM7.99/kg, imported from Holland! Tomatoes at less than RM2...etc


Janice ♥ said...

crazy lady. it's not like Joshua purposely want to run into her foot.

suituapui said...

Some women are real b***hy!!! Sibu also - people shopping like mad and I do not see a lot of Dayaks - mostly Chinese. Maybe they are all hoarding stuff - expecting prices to rise once the subsidies are removed.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Many shoppers are meanies...try getting some dim sum in one lady behind me tried to grab some of those plates of dim sum before I could say excuse me...she - so scared that she won't have any!!

I lost my chee cheong fun to her...even though I had already placed my hand on the plate....oh boy....eating also can make us feel that manners are lacking every where...Who taught her to be like that?

Kong said...

Both are in the wrong.

William said...

STP: Same in Miri. I think we enjoy shopping!

CY: You met kiasu people
Luckily she didn't pull the chee cheong fun from your mouth!

Kong: hahaha