Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Rabbit

Our white rabbit has patches of "yellow" on the body now. We just found that he likes rice grain. Two weeks ago, he ate so much rice (a quarter cup a day) that we thought he has constipation! But thanks God, nothing like that happened.
He loves mango and carrot. Now, he is eating mango everyday and that explains the yellow patches on his mouth and feet!
Joshua likes the rabbit very much. If we ever let him out of the cage, he will immediately visit every corner and will go up the stairs to visit all the rooms. He will hide in Ah Jon's room, under his bed, etc.
See his "rusty" feet! I wish I can let him out more!
He will respond to my call of "rabbit". If I need him to be in the cage, I just need to call "Rabbittttt" and he will immediately appear!


Janice ♥ said...

awww..cant wait to meet rabbit when i get home!

suituapui said...

My daughter loves pets. All her life she wanted to have pets...but my missus has an aversion to animals, so my daughter has been deprived of any in the house all this while. Maybe when she's working and living on her own, she'll keep some... She loves hamsters. Sigh!!!