Saturday, May 15, 2010

The boy who cries get sweet

After 50 years of Sarawak joining Malaysia, the people of Sibu in Sarawak are finally seeing sudden inflow of our own money into the Chinese and mission chools and etc. When I opened the See Hua Daily news today, the pages were covered with mock cheques!

Other good news: The people have been complaining for years about the high premium for land renewal. Suddenly, last night, CM Taib announced some huge reduction. Read more about it in The Star.
After 30 years, someone finally realised that Rajang Park is a "black area" and the BM candidate promises to do something only if he is elected! Read more here. I think if he loses, he has to do even more for the people!
Looking at the amount of money coming in, the promises made, huge reduction in land premium, I think the Opposition is doing a fantastic job to the people of Sibu and Sarawak.
The huge question now is, who will win this by-election? Will the Foochow in Sibu going to be like kids who will hug anyone after being handed some sweets? Or, will they cry even louder now in order to be handed even more sweets in future?! Looks like the only way to bring more senses to the government is to have an opposition party.
One party will have to lose tomorrow. Who will that be?
The sentiments of Chinese voters in Sibu are “hard to read” ... read more here.


suituapui said...

I would think Rejang Park is a good area, very pleasant place - I drop by there often.

Maybe the areas to the back, not so good - the sinking problem...but it's everywhere. The town in sited on swamps, what to expect. And it's never flooded.

I would think the people along those small roads would be the unhappy ones - Tiong Hua, Hua Kiew, Tong San, Bukit Assek...the slums, unhealthy conditions, always flooded, gangsterism (and the children all went to my school when I was still teaching) etc. If in Singapore, they would probably be resettle some HDB flats, some place else...and those areas demolished, no questions asked - that fine country!

Anonymous said...

I think people vote for the party this time and not for the individual per se.. lol.. I'll wait to see some changes in Sibu.