Monday, May 17, 2010

Miss Tourism Intercontinent

I am posting just four of the many beauties at Eastwood over the weekend. If you like to see any particular country, please leave a comment.
Click the photo for a larger image.


chris_lim said...

Wow good choice, I wanted to see this four country - korea, australia, malaysia and venezuela. Ngam ngam u put them up ;)

cyrildason said...

south korea.. not bad :-)

Anonymous said...

Checkmate! This was the one! What were the organisers thinking? For any ordinary "amoi", just being brought in for questioning by police will leave a stigma in society, whatmore to say as in one's reputation. To carry off beauty titles, the winner needs to have a "squeaky clean" background. You have read about beauty queens having their titles revoked (revealing photos). Judges must have closed one eye! However, the winner is gorgeous!!!!