Thursday, May 13, 2010

Windfall for Chinese schools in Sibu

I was reading this report in The Star newspaper today and I like the good news.

SIBU: Chinese-medium and missionary schools here received a boost when Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced a whopping RM18mil to be distributed among them.

Najib said RM10mil would go to 60 primary Chinese medium schools, RM5mil to five secondary Chinese medium schools, RM2mil to SMK Sacred Heart and RM1mil to SK St Mary to build new classrooms and upgrade facilities.

“The (RM18mil) allocation is the biggest for Chinese schools in Sibu since Malaysia was formed.”
Looks like we need more elections as this seems to be the quick way to get more fund for our Chinese schools ...! LOL! I am very happy. Are you?


i e R said...

indeed a good news... the chinese school has always been left out from government support and self survived.. :)

Sarawak Interventional Cardiologist said...

Massive outpouring of `blessings' during buy-election to the hungry and needy who are starved for a long time, make me think....... should I pray for more buy-elections which means someone would have to leave office abruptly (bad things to pray) or just let people with terminal cancer or heart ailments get elected as YB/MP.
Anyway with so much $$$$$$$$$$$ generated by so many L and M lots outthere, the government has $$$$ to bless all of us everyday. No need to do it during buy election.

Anonymous said...

wow...little birds tell you...newspapers tell you...but will the money really come now or later? or Never? Just to cheat Sibu?

Ah Dang

stay said...

So will the rest of Chinese schools in Sarawak get anything? Do we have to have buy-elections to get development money? Isn't this money belonging to the tax-payers? why must it be allocated...errr..announced (wait and see if this money actually comes if opposition win) only during an elections? If it's not bribe or subtle threat, I don't know what else

William said...

i e R: You are right!

Sarawak Interventional Cardiologist: I like what you say... buy election! Someone was suggesting that we should elect old people from now on!

mirian: our turn for a by election? I dare not pray in that manner.

stay: Hahaha... well said! Other Chinese got nothing cos there is no "buy" election.

Brandon Law said...

i just hope that if BN didn't win the election, they will still fund the 18mil to the schools.

Cos normally when they lose, they will say it's people choice for not choosing them.. thus no funding.

It's our money anyway.