Sunday, April 04, 2010

New Product from Porky Shop

Contact mobile: Mr. Panzer Christian: +6014 877 2770 e-mail:

Porky Shop at e-mart has brought out some new products for the local market. Normally all these products are imported frozen and they don't taste good.
Sliced smoked pork feet ready to be served!
Just in case you don't want it sliced, they are available in whole pork feet!
Fresh Smoked Bacon in block. Mdm Chieng proudly holding up a block of this bacon.
Smoked Bacon... you can order what you need and they will slice it for you.
Honey Ham. This must be a first in Miri available freshly made.
Pastrami... it look delicious! Also a first in Miri!
They also made a whole lot of sausages in-house. No point for me to tell you how delicious unless you try it! They are precooked and I will grill it or gently fry it before serving. If you are lucky to find it fresh from their oven, they can be eaten immediately!
This is where Porky shop is at e-mart. It is just opposite the native BBQ stalls by the main road.
Meet the chief cook and butcher Mr. Christian with his son.
I visited their shop when they were first open. I look at their concept and I know that they are going to be popular because customers can choose what they want. That is what we love to do right?
Forgot to mention, all precooked food is vacuum sealed to maintain freshness.

How to go there:
GPS: N04deg 28.704' E114deg 02.341'

If you don't have a GSP:

Try this:
Cross Pujut 7 bridge and then proceed in the direction of Asian bridge. You keep driving until you see the big e-Mart sign on the left . Turn left, turn right and turn left. Porky Shop is on your right.

If you are from Brunei:
Cross Asian Bridge, turn left at traffic light. Continue driving until you just pass e-Mart sign on your right. Turn Right, then right, then left.

If you don't know where is Pujut 7 bridge:
From Miri town, go in the direction of Lutong.
After the flyover in Pujut, 12 o'clock on first roundabout, 3 o'clock next roundabout. Cross traffic light and you are in the direction of Pujut 7 roundabout.

If you are from Lutong: After Lutong bridge, 9 o'clock at the next roundabout. Cross traffic light and you are in the direction of Pujut 7 roundabout.

ok... here is the map:

Opening hours:
7:00AM - noon; 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Sunday: 7:00AM - 2:00PM
Close on Tuesday

Mobile: Mr. Panzer Christian: +6014 877 2770 e-mail:

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Kong said...

There are now plenty of GPS enabled smartphones in the market nowadays and here's a suggestion.

Now I am pretty sure whoever is in Miri and love to give this Porky Shop a try, how would they get there? Short of getting a local to show him the way, the next best thing is give him the GPS co-ordinate. Once key-ed in those co-ordinate, let the GPS guides him there.

Oh BTW, put your church's GPS co-ordinate on your blog as well.

Heck, if you wanted the readers of your blog to find you at your doorstep, put your house's co-ordinate on your blog as well. On 2nd thought, may be it is not such a good idea about the house's co-ordinate suggestion. You never know who will turn up.

theeggyolks said...

the sausage looks good!! but..emart -_-" too far la..sigh

suituapui said...

Yum!!! We had something like that at a (new) supermart here - very nice but expensive...but now they have closed down that section already. Dunno whether not doing good business or kena complain!

wenn said...


William said...

Kong: Your wish granted. I thought the gps position is on google map on my blog.

theeggyolks: Ok, perhaps, after retirement next year, I will open one in Miri!

STP: I think it is difficult to persuade Sibu to eat this food.

Wenn: Yes, indeed interesting.