Sunday, April 04, 2010

Household Supplies

In the most unlikely place in Piasau Industrial Park, there is this huge "warehouse" selling all type of household equipment. The boss told me that instead of spending thousands on rental in town, he might as well use this place...
The front has this huge containers used as wall and also storage. Stepping inside...
... I found the largest collection of woks... cast iron wok, which is cheap and lasting,
to those which look like zine alloy, which is light. So, if you need a traditional wok, how about try this place!
So if you don't like wok, then there are pans of all shapes and sizes for you to choose.
... stock pot of all sizes...
... more pots and pans...
... or if you need a glass bottle for making enzyme or whatever, they have it here too!
Water dispensers of all sizes to suit your needs.
... and plastic containers.
I found this "traditional" lighter on the left most interesting. It has a cartridge which you would fill it with kerosene. This cartridge is then inserted into the "body". As you press open the lid, it strike a fling and fired the kerosene fill tip. I remember using this thing when I was very young.
Miri Departmental Store used to be in town opposite the fish market. So, it has now moved to this place.
How to get there: Just before the Piasau bridge, there is a set of traffic light. Drive into Piasau Industrial Park. It is the 2nd building on the right.


reanaclaire said...

wow.. like big warehouse..

theeggyolks said...

that's a huge store! It's hard to find these type of store in Kch..

suituapui said...

I wonder if they sell the Tatung pot:
We bought ours long ago...and since my post, people are keen on buying one like mine too - dunno where can get it now.

William said...

Claire: yes, it is very big!

theeggyolks: Miri is interesting, we do have a few "big" stores.

STP: I will find out about the Tatung during my next visit. It looks good!