Friday, July 31, 2009

Photography Talk/Lecture

Miri Photographic Society and a youth organisation has invited a prominent photographer from Penang to give a talk at EastWood, Miri, tomorrow, 1-Aug-2009. If you are interested, please call Miss 陈 016 8160678. It costs only RM3 for student and RM5 for the public.
Please bring your own camera to the talk. The talk is in mandarin 2:00-5:00PM.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photography Exhibition

Have you been to the photography exhibition on the ground floor of Bintang Plaza new wing?
There are quite a lot of photos. If you haven't been there, tomorrow (31-July 2009) is the last day!
By the way, there is a talk by an expert from Penang this saturday afternoon at Eastwood. Entry fee is RM3 for youngster and RM5 for adult.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Petroleum Museum

I have been to the Canada hill many times. However, everytime I went there, it was evening. So last Saturday, I decided to visit the place during office hour so that I can see what is inside.

The Petroleum Museum is built at the place where Shell drilled the first land well in the 1900's. I think this is the most scenic spot of the Miri town.
The design of the building itself is very nice. The reflection on glass panel during the evening gives me a feeling of "reflection" or "picture within a picture".
I met Eke from Holland admiring the beautiful sunset from the top of the building.
From the top of the hill or building, you can see the beautiful panoramic view of the city.
Ok, let's go inside the building. At the entrance, you will be encountered by the beautifully designed counter.
.... inside, there are many exhibits, explaining the process of oil exploration and production amongst others...
... but unfortunately, after years of usage and no upgrading, they are either not working (like this one) or they look too plain.This is perhaps the most creative demonstration of earthquake in this mini car! But it doesn't seem to work properly. There are a couple of buttons but no user guide. So, we press all the buttons and hope for the "quake".
One of the exhibits showing the generation of energy by turning the wheel using hand.
.. a model of a oil platform.
Ok, let's see the ugly side of the place... The conference room is in a sorry state! A real pity.
The toilet is clean but the light is not working properly. But the toilets outside the building are in worse state!
... almost all of the stainless steel covers for the vertical lamps outside the building were stolen...
... at the roof top, all the lamps were damaged with cover stolen, etc.
... this back door is badly rotten. If I pull hard enough, the whole door will drop down. I suggest that the authority do the following:
  1. Upgrade all the exhibits. The videos are of poor quality (blur).
  2. Repair all the non-functional exhibits and computers.
  3. The audio system is far too noisy. The sound system should be directional rather than blast!
  4. Add in more displays/exhibits

Perhaps, a suggestion is that the big national oil company should take over the place and make it into a mini Petrosain in Miri!

Miri City Fan at night

These night photos of Miri City Fan was taken on 4-July-2009 around 7:00PM. All photos were taken with camera being hand held.
The City Fan is a beautiful place. At night, it is quite isolated.
Part of the Chinese Garden.
In the background is the Miri Civic Centre. The center part is the "Garden of Vision".
The Islamic Garden.
... another angle of the Islamic Garden.
The Islamic Garden.
The place is a little isolated after sunset. However, the place is protected by guards.

Smile/Laugh with me...

Smile always, and laugh as much as you can... here is a small collection of photos of my friends. If you feel down/sad, just laugh with them because it is the best medicine.
Judith... forever so happy!
He sells me veggie in the market.

... smile cost you nothing ...
... you don't need to be rich ...
... young or old... just smile because it is free and highly contagious.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleeping Guard, please wake up!!

I went to a major "attraction" in town today and I was pretty upset with what the vandal had done! It was once the pride of Miri and now, due to years of use, many exhibits are non functional. It also seems to be like an orphan being neglected.
I am not sure whether the place is being guarded like many other parks. But surely, I will not go near there at night! There is however, a tire sleeping guard, probably due to excessive night hours. But the fact remains ...
... vandal smashed up lighting outside the building, metal thieves carted away stainless steel covers, etc. It is so sad!
In this country, every student has to study moral from year 1 all the way to university. Perhaps, it wasn't the failure of the educational system but the bottom 1-2% of the students who are naturally naughty and perhaps hungry ...
I will blog about it in the near future ... The beauty and the ugly...

Petrosians KLCC 3

I was a skeptic about this exhibition and was most reluctant to go in, especially when the entry fee seems to be quite expensive. Beside, I was thinking that a small place could not be offering anything exciting. But I was proven wrong. The place inside is huge.... let the tour continues...
... a resonance coil ...
... seismology explained. How seismic data was collected ...
... a simulation in a mini "wind tunnel". Jos enjoyed it very much.
... trip to the oil platform.
Ok, this time, it is another simulation. This simulator trip along is worth the whole ticket cost!
... we were flying over the dense tropical forest. Then out into the open sea onto the platform.... ok, I won't review more or you lose all the fun!
... more learning/fun stations ...
... now this is the real stuff on a drilling rig! The triangular (rope) thing in the center is the so called transfer basket from a supply boat to the drilling rig. I used one of these baskets before on the drilling rig. Imagine you cling onto the rope standing on the base... well outside and not inside! Then you were hoisted up from the boat to the rig above. You look below and the boat soon became so small. I think it must be 200-400 feet high, ie, half the height of KLCC!
... they have a full size oil production platform there. Also a replica of living quarter and mess room, etc. So life on an oil platform is fully demonstrated. I was impressed with the details!
... of course, you just cannot escape motor sport simulation for obvious reason!
... everything is free except this simulator which cost RM2. You can see Jos crashed his car over and over again and drove as if he was completely intoxicated! But he had soooo much fun!
... ok, on the lighter side, there is this small marine aquarium.
My evaluation: One adult and 2 boys cost RM25. This includes entry into the Dinotrek, access to all the games and simulator rides except the one I mentioned above. I think if they wanted to charge full fees, one person could have costed RM25! It is worth it. My only regret is that we don't have enough time. We went in at 11:15AM and came out at 2:00PM. If we wanted to learn everything, doubling the amount of time is still not enough. So, don't miss this place! Go go...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Petrosians KLCC 2

The fun in Petrosians continues...Jos was trying out the super digger. Actually, he did very well... Timmy couldn't resist the temptation and also join in later!
More dino...
... come closer... I bite you ...
... a section on geology and formation of oil ... there are more exhibits on crude oil production.
... ancient history ...
... fierce animal ...
... man powered conveyor belt system. We have a good time here. This model is a rather big one.