Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Petroleum Museum

I have been to the Canada hill many times. However, everytime I went there, it was evening. So last Saturday, I decided to visit the place during office hour so that I can see what is inside.

The Petroleum Museum is built at the place where Shell drilled the first land well in the 1900's. I think this is the most scenic spot of the Miri town.
The design of the building itself is very nice. The reflection on glass panel during the evening gives me a feeling of "reflection" or "picture within a picture".
I met Eke from Holland admiring the beautiful sunset from the top of the building.
From the top of the hill or building, you can see the beautiful panoramic view of the city.
Ok, let's go inside the building. At the entrance, you will be encountered by the beautifully designed counter.
.... inside, there are many exhibits, explaining the process of oil exploration and production amongst others...
... but unfortunately, after years of usage and no upgrading, they are either not working (like this one) or they look too plain.This is perhaps the most creative demonstration of earthquake in this mini car! But it doesn't seem to work properly. There are a couple of buttons but no user guide. So, we press all the buttons and hope for the "quake".
One of the exhibits showing the generation of energy by turning the wheel using hand.
.. a model of a oil platform.
Ok, let's see the ugly side of the place... The conference room is in a sorry state! A real pity.
The toilet is clean but the light is not working properly. But the toilets outside the building are in worse state!
... almost all of the stainless steel covers for the vertical lamps outside the building were stolen...
... at the roof top, all the lamps were damaged with cover stolen, etc.
... this back door is badly rotten. If I pull hard enough, the whole door will drop down. I suggest that the authority do the following:
  1. Upgrade all the exhibits. The videos are of poor quality (blur).
  2. Repair all the non-functional exhibits and computers.
  3. The audio system is far too noisy. The sound system should be directional rather than blast!
  4. Add in more displays/exhibits

Perhaps, a suggestion is that the big national oil company should take over the place and make it into a mini Petrosain in Miri!


Borneo Falcon said...

I also just blog about this museum and I agree a lot need to be done

chchoo said...

Uncle William, HSE walkabout? you should submit a copy of the report to Shell and Petronas (the sponsors) and MCC.

William said...

Borneo Falcon: Agree with you.

Choo: My own HSE walkabout. I am thinking about submitting it to the sponsors.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Yes - same as the advert - Messy Society....

Poor social behaviour - "no one's looking - and public damage is done" - perhaps more CCTV?

the Museum is a nice place but "people must not look underneath the carpet".

Sir sc said...

Hey uncle william`.

Its funny to see the facility create under JV between shell & petronas and under the MCC maintenance is very seriously sorry state.

I been there in 2008, went to see about, for a year i well think someone will do something, but never till now ? haha wat a shame.

Maybe someone should investigate MCC account, in big case of corruption.