Monday, July 27, 2009

Miri City Fan at night

These night photos of Miri City Fan was taken on 4-July-2009 around 7:00PM. All photos were taken with camera being hand held.
The City Fan is a beautiful place. At night, it is quite isolated.
Part of the Chinese Garden.
In the background is the Miri Civic Centre. The center part is the "Garden of Vision".
The Islamic Garden.
... another angle of the Islamic Garden.
The Islamic Garden.
The place is a little isolated after sunset. However, the place is protected by guards.


reanaclaire said...

wow..Miri has grown so beautiful from the last time I saw her... great, perhaps one day i will land there again.. nowadays airasia makes it possible..

have a nice day, William.. God bless..

chchoo said...

Uncle William, it's nice that you can still walk safely around Miri city at night. I don't dare to do that in JB and KL.

louis said...

William, these are beautiful street journal. You have captured Miri very beautifully.
Do shoot more and share the beauty of Miri with the World.
Hopefully the politicians notice your good deeds, and your unselfishness plus making Miri a well known tourist destination via your good writing in your blog!
keep it up, you have our support! ;-)