Saturday, July 25, 2009

Petrosians KLCC 3

I was a skeptic about this exhibition and was most reluctant to go in, especially when the entry fee seems to be quite expensive. Beside, I was thinking that a small place could not be offering anything exciting. But I was proven wrong. The place inside is huge.... let the tour continues...
... a resonance coil ...
... seismology explained. How seismic data was collected ...
... a simulation in a mini "wind tunnel". Jos enjoyed it very much.
... trip to the oil platform.
Ok, this time, it is another simulation. This simulator trip along is worth the whole ticket cost!
... we were flying over the dense tropical forest. Then out into the open sea onto the platform.... ok, I won't review more or you lose all the fun!
... more learning/fun stations ...
... now this is the real stuff on a drilling rig! The triangular (rope) thing in the center is the so called transfer basket from a supply boat to the drilling rig. I used one of these baskets before on the drilling rig. Imagine you cling onto the rope standing on the base... well outside and not inside! Then you were hoisted up from the boat to the rig above. You look below and the boat soon became so small. I think it must be 200-400 feet high, ie, half the height of KLCC!
... they have a full size oil production platform there. Also a replica of living quarter and mess room, etc. So life on an oil platform is fully demonstrated. I was impressed with the details!
... of course, you just cannot escape motor sport simulation for obvious reason!
... everything is free except this simulator which cost RM2. You can see Jos crashed his car over and over again and drove as if he was completely intoxicated! But he had soooo much fun!
... ok, on the lighter side, there is this small marine aquarium.
My evaluation: One adult and 2 boys cost RM25. This includes entry into the Dinotrek, access to all the games and simulator rides except the one I mentioned above. I think if they wanted to charge full fees, one person could have costed RM25! It is worth it. My only regret is that we don't have enough time. We went in at 11:15AM and came out at 2:00PM. If we wanted to learn everything, doubling the amount of time is still not enough. So, don't miss this place! Go go...

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