Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Durian... durian ... King of fruits

The thought of durian could probably drive someone nut! It is either "love it" or "hate it". There are some who simply cannot stand the smell of it. Probably their sensory system is wired differently!Some 20 years ago, it was D24. That was the king! The most delicious and simply the best! The flesh is golden and creamy. Now, for whatever reason, D24 has lost its favour amongst people, or has it? So, now you will see the D9 series, ie, D93, 99, etc. Sound like my Nikon camera series, D90, D3, D700, etc. Anyway, I like the D series durian. There is no need to choose... everyone is good. The only limitation is the amount of money I have because they are expensive at RM16 to RM18 per KG. I wish the skin can also be eaten afterall, I pay so much for it!
... yes... my durian is the best! bring some home!
On a more serious note, my friend, Winnie and Austin has a durian farm. I will create a blog for them. So, look out! Their durian production starts in September, 2009 and you can go to her farm and eat as much as you can for just RM15 each! It is near to SOP office in Lambir.


aminah taha said...

do let me know about it. my kids loves durian so much. reasonable price if the durian is good.


15 for each expensive ohhh
i went to PJ last week to eat all-i-can at rm9.

William said...

Aminah: Sure... I will update the information my this blog.

RW Photography: You are lucky! WM is normally cheaper. But the one in SS2 is also not very cheap.

Anonymous said...

I want I want...inform me when you go to the durian farm please.

017 8506928