Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How to wash mosquito netting and blind

I can say that most houses installed mosquito netting to keep out the bugs from entering the house. However, the fine mesh also attract dust and over time, it can become very dirty. So, how do you wash/clean them? Do you have a better solution? Do let me know.
For me, I will take down the netting, spread it out flat on the floor, wet it, pour washing liquid on it, with both feet on the frame as pictured above, and use a soft brush and brush in a uniform direction, ie, up/down or left/right. After one side is clean, flip the netting over and do the same for the other side. Shake off excess water, dry it and put it back.
In the early days, I like curtain. In fact, I made all the curtain in my house. However, after sometimes, and a few children later, nice curtain was a thing of the past. So, I installed aluminum blind....
... and it is like the mosquito netting... it attract dust! So, this is what I did to clean it:
1. Close the blind
2. Release the catch/latch at the horizontal bar at the top
3. Take the blind down carefully and you can "collapse" the whole thing by lifting the bottom bar upward - for easy moving around. Alternatively you can collapse the whole thing by pulling the cord. But you need to release it for cleaning.
4. Spread out the blind on the floor (make sure that there is no object on the floor (eg, stone, nails, etc), apply water and washing liquid.
5. Stand on the blind as above and use the same soft brush, and brush only the leaves that you are standing on and alone the leaves!
6. Flip over and clean the other side
You will notice that the overlapped areas of the leaves will still be dirty. To clean it, you need the turn the leaves in the other direction and repeat. This is difficult if the blind is wet. So, use your imagination.

After cleaning, spray it with clean water.
I am not responsible if you damage your netting or blind.

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