Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harvest Festival (GAWAI) 2009

Tonight, my company celebrated Gawai closing open house. As usual, it was at the KRP (formerly KSL). A couple of VIPs attended.
All guests, were welcomed with Tuak (rice wine), traditional cakes and delicacies while new mats (tikai) were rolled out. The Tuai Gawai or Chief Host led the celebrations, while the Tuai Pengabang led the contingent of visitors. After the celebrations were over, a ceremony was held to mark the end of the festive season. This includes Ngiling Tikai (rolling up the mats) to show that work must begin again with a new cycle of planting and reaping. Tadau Kaamatan is celebrated by the Kadazandusun ethnic communities who gather each year to give thanks for the harvest, and includes music, dancing, the selection of the Harvest Queen (Unduk Ngadau) and feasting, offers an insight into the Kadazandusun community and its culture. (This paragraph is extracted from who happen to be my colleage also)

Bidayuh traditional offering - Taya, hanging, is the place where all the goodies are placed.
Tuai Gawai (Chief Host) was there welcoming the guest...
Tuak or rice wine is a must for all guests.
... traditionally, a chicken was (and still is) always slaughtered and then cooked as an offering to the ancestors and blessing for another fruitful/plentiful year ahead.
Beautiful Orang Ulu dancers...
There is no more elongated ears for the younger generation.
... smoking is a common "past time". (He is Tuai Rumah for Orang Ulu)
... beautiful costume of Kadazan ...
Renata and Pauline waiting to serve guests with tuak (Kadazan).
(Iban Warrior dance) Their dance is graceful ... doesn't matter whether man or ...

Iban Dancers

... or women. The evening completed with various dances. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait to see all the performances. But from what I saw, they did a fantastic job!

Orange Ulu is literally translated to "People from upstream" , ie, people from the ulu.

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colorful event. love this.