Saturday, June 27, 2009

Which would you choose for your pet?

Joshua and myself visited a pet shop just opposite SESCO in Sebakas. It is run by Mr. Lo. So, after seeing so many cute animals and fish, which one would you choose to be your pet? Just enjoy these photos and if you are poisoned, perhaps you may go over and pick up something. But please remember that buying pet is easy buy maintaining it could be tough. So, treat it with care as it is a living creature too.
Jos suddenly becomes very brave. This is a python.
Fancy a passionate parrot who demand company?
He is simply cute and adorable ...
Beautiful fish... look nicer under coloured light.
Anyone knows what is the name?
This one is big, slow moving and perhaps soothing to watch.
The graceful movement is definitely nice to watch.
oh... the friendly 5 feet long python. Perhaps it can even guard your home. How about putting a signboard outside your house "Unlucky tresspasser may be eaten by snake"

More pictures to come soon ...

1 comment:

FM Luder said...

Dare I admit to liking the pink fish?!

The giraffe fish looks nice too!

Fish are fairly easy to maintain. Keep the temperature right, replace 10% of the water every couple of weeks and feed them every few days.

I used to have three map turtles and they were painful to maintain. The whole tank had to be cleaned every weekend - with no help from my ex!

William, you've got me thinking about getting a fish tank now!