Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vegetable in Miri is so cheap

If you have been to the Tamu Muhibah (Opposite Park Hotel) lately, you will be shocked to know that the price of vegetables have dropped from the high price of RM15/kg (in Dec/Jan) to the current RM1-2/kg.
I was there two Saturdays ago at about 3:00PM, and this kangkong was sold at RM1/kg.
Last Saturday, this kiucai was selling for RM2/kg. Long bean was the most expensive at RM4/kg.
I am from a farming background. After pepper harvest, we plant lots of long bean and cucumber. During the peak, they were sold for 5 cents/kati, ie, 10 cents per kg. Still no one ever wanted to buy them! So, you would see mountain of them left to rot! A pity that we didn't know how to preserve. (That was in the '60's. A kilo of sugar cost RM0.25)
Just in case you don't know...

... this is peppper vine on belian pole. Inset is the pepper corn.

Baby cucumber with flower. By the way, cucumber flowers have distinct male and female. Male flower has no baby fruit.


reanaclaire said...

HI William, didnt realise vege are cheap nowadays.. whenever i go market, i nv ask how much per kilo, i bought those already bundled up for RM 1... buy few bundles then i cabut.. :) thanks for the info...

Vincent said...

normally i will go around 5 sth in the evening during weekdays. and, i will always get cheap vegetables, addition, i do not need to pay for the parking fee. lol