Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Secure is Credit Card

I got a new credit card from Maybank a few months ago. As this card is somewhat redundant, I have never used it and kept it under lock all the time. Suddenly, an officer called me last week to inform me of a purchase made outside this country. I told him that I am still in Miri and therefore he has my card cancelled immediately.
I must thanks all these "extra alert" officers to keep us informed. I believe they have a computer system to detect unusual spending.
So, the question is "How do the thief got my details?". Is it an inside job?
Tip: Never disclose your credit card number and the three digits code at the back of the card to anyone. If you do, it is like giving someone your wallet! If you use it for purchase, make sure that the cashier doesn't copy that three digit code anywhere.


Kong said...

This is what I do. I apply for a normal credit card with the lowest possible credit limit of RM3K. And this is my main card when I go to restaurant (you never know what they do with your card at the counter) and making online purchase.

If the worst comes to the worst, I am only liable for RM3K.

^SpRInG^ said...

Identity theft is very rampant. It's an issue that has been there since forever. Sometimes, banking systems have very poor security, allowing hackers to spy into their system could cause this problem too, besides the insider's threat.