Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haze in Miri

I was sending Ah Jon to Curtin this morning and upon reaching, I saw what I thought was haze from burning vegetation. True enough, as the car door was open, I couldn't stand the smell!
The smell was bad!
I drove back to Senadin and I could clearly see haze everywhere..
... and upon reaching JTM, I could hardly see the building! I have no idea where the burning was/is.
... but many days ago, the burning was at the road side. See what they planted... corn (maize)! Someone suggested that we should boycott the food sold at the native market of e-Mart. But should we? They are really poor people. What they really need is education and being taught how to do it properly!

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Maylicious said...

yes, boycott is not fair to them. It is just like telling someone to stop driving as it pollutes the air.

Everyone has their needs and i agree with u, they need proper education on how to do it the right way, with helps from gov and non-profit organisation.