Saturday, April 04, 2009

Timonthy birthday

Today is Timothy birthday! He is now 12 years old!
For his birthday, he has a full cheese cake bought by Yee.
Also very special about this birthday is that, the whole family is together - of course the girls were there virtually linked up via Skype!
... so we have a family shot ...
... and the happy sisters singing "Happy Birthday" to Timmy!
... time to cut his cake!


reanaclaire said... happy family leh...
how did u do that..
skype can do all that? are they at the same place?
how come they all look alike? haha.. like same person..

mousie said...

janice looks so cute... hahaha... But our faces are so blur!!!
The last picture for TT also very nice...

William said...

claire: Thanks. Skype has video capability. So easy lah.
Yes, the are all studying in Leeds University and because it is weekend, they always return to their flat. Otherwise, they are now all over the places doing attachment with GP or hospital.
Sisters mah... so all looks alike. Hahaha.
Esther: Ya, all of you were so cute. I will put them on facebook!
Thanks for being there.
The image was small and we enlarge it. So it became very blue. But doesn't matter. Your presence made the difference.
I have to teach TT to smile so that he looks handsome ler...

sixth uncle said...

Happy birthday to Timothy! May you grow in wisdom and knowledge in the years to come. Thank God for the past. Look forward to His guidance in the future. Blessed are those who trust in the Lord. Amen.

RW FINE ART said...

Happy birthday to Timothy. be happy. always.

FM Luder said...

Hope his birthday celebrations were fun!

Superman said...

Happy Birthday, Tim. Thanks to skype that make the world connected easily. Most important is its free!
I use skype to connect with friends also.

Timothy said...

sixth uncle: Thanks. May God bless you.

RW Fine Art: Thanks. May God bless you.

Auntie EC: May you always stay young and happy!

FM Luder: Yes, very fun. Thanks. I got big cake and daddy cook nice chicken legs!

Superman: Thanks. I like skype. It helps to make my birthday special this time!

Anonymous: Thanks and you are welcome. May you have a happy family too.
May God bless all of you ... Timmy

Janice said...

Did you actually type that Timothy? :P

mousie said...

HAHAHAHA... I didn't notice that!! It sounded that it was being typed by daddy... until Janice said that was typed by TT... haha

Timmy said...

Jie Jie: hahaha, clever sisters