Friday, April 03, 2009

Update from Kuching

Ah Jon and myself arrived in Kuching on Wednesday 1-April at 7:15PM as scheduled. My friend David Teo came and picked us up from the airport and we went to Tabung Jaya for a light dinner.
We checked into Kuching Hilton and our room faced the beautiful Kuching river front.
Breakfast was less than ideal as Ah Jon has lost his appetite. The food was good but cannot eat!
Our appointment at Normah with Dr. Lau was at 10:00AM but we arived at 9:10AM. We didn't know that it is just a 10 minutes taxi ride. We waited until 10:20AM and the doctor explained to us what he is recommending. First, he had his blood tested again to see the white blood cell count and the result will be know in 1.5 hours. He will also look under the microscope to have a general idea of the cells. In the afternoon, he will have ultrasound scan to check all his vital organs and bone marrow extracted for more test. Result will be know in two weeks. So, in 2 weeks, we will be back here.
The good news is that all his organs are in perfect order. His white blood cell count has elevated a little and doc gave him Hydroxyurea to control this.
He can withstand pain... the bone marrow extraction from his pelvic is supposed to be very painful. The doc didn't allow me to see. I have a peep and saw him "drilling" a hole through pelvic bone. Anyway, he couldn't walk properly after the procedure. He had to rest in bed for 2 hours after the procedure.
In the evening, we visited our friend (Hwang) in Kuching and had dinner with them. He ate a bowl of white rice! I was very concerned that Ah Jon had no appetite to eat. To cheer him up, we visited Jasmine and her family. Indeed, Ah Jon had a lot to catch up and talked for a few hours.
This morning (Friday), he has good appetite. He enjoyed his breakfast. I felt relieved that he can eat. He told me that lemon will boost his appetite and he chewed a whole piece of it!
Please pray for Ah Jon. For the moment, pray that he will response to the drug used to lower his white blood cell count. Also pray for his appetite. Pray that his will power remain high in spirit and be full of energy. I believe that miracles had been happening all this while. I shall share about it later.
More information about CML can be found here and here and here.


Ian said...

I do hope that there is nothing serious with him and he'll recover fast. It's good that you've taken him to a specialist for a thorough procedure.

sarawakiana said...

Nothing is better than a thorough checkup.

Cheers to a caring father.

Nil said...

William, been chatting with Teresa quite a bit today while she was in office. Believe and have faith and things will be okay. I will continue to pray for his recovery. Have faith and believe that things will be okay. Mark 11:24 - What things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive then, and you shall have them. Tell Ah Jon to be positive, laugh and have faith.

William said...

Thanks to all your thought! Very much appreciated.
Nil: I believe in miracle and I have full faith in Him! Thanks for this reminder. Good stuff! Sure, I will tell Ah Jon those ....

Sixth uncle said...

In Jesus name, I command healing to come upon Ah Jon. By the power of Jesus Christ, I command the sickness to go. Let the healing anointing of Jesus Christ flow into Jon's body and the blood system. I pray for blessings upon him and all curses be gone in Jesus name.

Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for the work you have done in Jon's body. May your name be glorified in William's family. Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord. Amen..amen.

William said...

Sixth Uncle and Anonymous: Thanks and continue to pray for healing.