Monday, April 06, 2009

The Power of Potential

After a five-year study of 120 top artists, athletes, and scholars, Dr. Benjamin Bloom and his research team determined that success was more about "drive and determination, not natural talent." As the saying goes, "Sometimes those who are given more end up with less, and those who are given less end up with more."
Each person has enormous potential! Within each individual exists seeds of greatness. Unfortunately, much of this greatness and potential is untapped. As you stretch and come to know your true nature, including your gifts and talents, you will begin believing more in yourself and those around you.
"Human potential is an intriguing thing, because there is no gauge on any of us. None of us know how much we can accomplish. We all have the capacity to do more than we understand. There's no question in my mind that everyone can go further, climb higher, do more than they ever believed."

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