Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flash Flood in Miri

12-April-2009: I have not seen such heavy rain for a long time. It started at about 4:00PM with lighning and thunder...
Looking out of my balcony window, I could see the limited visibility.
At about 7:30PM, I received a call from Sarawakiana that Miri town is flooded. It was just then I wanted to go to town. The Pujut roundabout was flooded - it must be the first time in history! But why? In fact I have expected it because of the massive tar sealing of the open areas near the roundabout. All the water must now rush for the drain instead of "sinking into the soil". Why should reckless tarring of such a large space is allowed at the first place?
The above picture was taken in front of Boulevard Hypermarket. Many cars dare not drive forward which only make the traffic jam worse.
So... a massive jam was created!
I met a friend in Boulevard and she told that a van actually drove over the curb and the front wheel went into the drain. The driver was in a daze while getting down to inspect what had gone wrong. He walked to the front without realising that there is a drain and of course he had a shock of his life when he stepped right into the drain and wet himself all over.
13-April-2009 update: For the record purpose, there was 2 inches or 50mm of rain in just 2 hours yesterday.
By the way, the water at Pujut roundabout was cleared within one hour of rain stopping. It showed that our drianage is pretty good. The flash flood was due to the amount of rain within that short period of time.


FM Luder said...

Heck, that rain looks heavy. Hopefully there are no casualties.

Does Miri have an airport? If so I bet any pilots had a nightmare trying to land in that weather!

lasapka said...

I already suggest honda to build VTEC boat for ASIA market.

sarawakiana said...

Some updates : Some Padang Kerbau homes saw flood water in their living rooms. Yes - the water went off quite quickly.

Must study this situation carefully to avoid further flooding.

RW FINE ART said...

which pujut roundabout? the one in pujut 7, or GK roundabout?

Ian said...

I was in Brunei back from Bandar Seri Begawan. The the downpour was so great there that it was better off I drive a submarine. The rain eventually came to Miri.

Btw, the highways thre are excellent, even with the mighty rain there is no standing water on the highways, making driving at a fairly fast clip (80kph) VERY safe. Alas, the same can't be said of Miri's roads.

Just an idea of how much water there is, I got home and took at look at the intake filter, there was so much water in it I had to use a cup to clear it before dabbing the remainder with a dry cloth. This from driving the rainfall itself, I haven't driven in floods yet!

Kong said...

Flood? You should come to Sibu. The Venice of Malaysia whenever it rains for a couple of days. Literally.

William said...

Fox: Yes, Miri has an "International airport"! I came in the other day in this weather and it was bad!

Anonymous & lasapka & sarawakiana: Yes, they are "studying it".

Shutter hero: The roundabout at Saberkas, or Sesco or Pujut 1.

Ian: Brunei roads are real highway. Miri roads, I called it expressway because it is like roler coaster. Beside, the newly tar seal road is already "collecting" water. Haih...

Kong: I will see whether I can influence Honda to speed up the proposal by lasapka.