Friday, April 10, 2009

Relics of WWII and things of the 60's

I visited my friend and found the following very interesting oldies... things dated back to the 1940's.
This is a helmet for the Japanese army used during the second world war. This helmet is made from solid alloy and is pretty heavy. Supposed to be bullet proof to protect the head?!
This is the stand for a very old Singer sewing machine. I remember seeing one of these belonging to my parents. The stand is solid and probably made from cast iron. Still in perfect condition.
Dare to guess what is this? Well, believe it or not, it is an 8mm movie viewer made by Mansfield (Model 950). You put the roll of film (movie) on the left and a pickup reel on the right. The film was thread across the viewer. Motion was created by manually turning the wheel.
They are lanterns used by boat or ship!


FM Luder said...

Some interesting things there! Copper must have been the 'in' thing back then.

RW FINE ART said...


William said...

Fox and RW Fine Art: Ya, very interesting stuff. It was copper or brass or cast iron (bronze?!)

Kong said...

Does your friend's ancestor has to cut off a Japanese soldier's head to get that helmet?

William said...

Kong, Someone found the helmet being used a a vessel for feeding chicken! So, I suppose someone else did!