Sunday, April 12, 2009

We Have Gone Nuts!

It all started during Chinese New Year when we bought back one bag of roasted nut in shell. There is also an e-mail circulating around telling people the benefits of nuts!

So, over the long weekend, we bought roasted almond in shell, walnut in shell, hazelnut in shell, etc. I found that the more you eat, the nicer they tasted! So, is walnut really good for the brain? It looks like brain anyway.

I hope that they will not elevate my uric acid!

You can buy all the above nuts at Sing Liang Supermarket at a very reasonable price. By the way, they don't pay me commission for advertising their name.


RW FINE ART said...

ah product shot!

Go Out said...

hello! how are you?

sarawakiana said...

Surprising China is one of the greatest producers of walnut products from walnut porridge to even walnut tablets....

Walnuts are traditionally good for the brains and other parts of the body too.

One of the best gifts to bring to your in laws is a huge tin of Walnut Powder.

You get get lots of black sesame and walnut porridge pre-mix in supermarkets I believe.....

Heheheh now the sales in Sin Liang will go up!

William said...

shutter hero: hahaha.. no leh.

Go Out: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Sarawakiana: Thanks for the info and advice! Just learn something new today!