Monday, February 09, 2009

One Way Ticket

When we bought air ticket for Stephanie to go to UK in 2005, it was a one-way ticket whereas all her known friends had return ticket. Her visa is for five good short years!

Stephanie, Janice, Esther
So she went with instructions:
  1. Failure is not an option
  2. Find a part time job whenever possible to supplement her living allowances.
  3. Try to get a job during summer and use the money to travel around UK, etc
  4. Be holy and go to church always
I can always remember that during the first summer holiday, she told me that she was very lonely because all her friends had left and went back. She was all on her own. However, I told her that in just two more months, Janice will join her there and she will not be lonely anymore.
Time really flies. She is now into her fourth year together with Esther. Janice is in her third year. They will all be back this August for their elective, ie, hospital attachment.


flower said...

she went to uk in 2005 alone without anyone of u accompanied her? she has not returned to malaysia since 2005? indeed very very long, wil. your three pretty ladies are chance made them sisters and hearts made them friends as well. Is Janice the middle one? so who is stephanie and easter.

William said...

Flower: Ya, Steph went there in Sept on her own. I brought her there in Feb to show her around. She has not been home since. Steph is on the left and Esther is on the right.

dougie said...

1.'failure is not an option'
sounds rather... extortionate!

nobody likes failing,
but surely is more compassionate to maybe only request..
1.'to try your best'?

'failure is not an option',
can occasionally extract such a price, on the deliverer,
that is beyond what us mortals can afford.

William said...

Hi dougie, nice to see you here. Ya, thanks for your comment. True... but we cannot afford failure. Just have to try the very best.

flower said...

Yea, have to try the very best.

(1) success doesn't come to you.
you go for it

(2) success usually comes to those who are busy to be looking for it

(3) if you don't climb the mountain, you can't view the

(4) ability is what you're capable of doing. motivation determines what you do. attitude determines how well you do it

(5) last but not least, success comes in cans, failure comes in can'ts
so of course no one prepares to fail

William said...

Flower: wah... taht is wise words! Thanks. Sure can ... hahaha.

FM Luder said...

Dougie, maybe check out university fees for international students =]

Of course, it is pressure - but maybe that pressure will give them the 'boost' to get through... I think it kind of worked for me. I didn't like it at the time but it did pick myself up from time to time when needed.

Kong said...

"Failure is not an option"

Right or wrong to impose this? Well, it depends entirely on what other options and resources are available. If you are merely a salary worker and having to support 3 daughters in UK reading medicine, compassionate is a luxury that may not be affordable.

My 2 sen.

Artowawa said...

When I left for further studies, I told myself that failure (even once) is not an option. My dad din even tell me to study hard coz he knew and understood that I'll do well.

We must continually challenge ourselves.

William said...

FM Luder... you are absolutely right! Sometime, pressure is good and as you say, could be a "boost" and may even help you to perform better.

Kong: You are right, we cannot afford a repeat.

Artowawa: You are a wise person!

Just in case you all wonder how much is the fees, well, it is now almost 23,000 pounds a year for each overseas student. You can do the conversion. The exchange rate was RM5.10 to RM7.10 to 1GBP.

dougie said...

i admire your courage & strength of conviction (x3!).

you shall no doubt get to stand on top of the mountain, & get to see the plains that your daughters will sow.

just be prepared for being a lil breathless.. o2 starvation on account of the dizzy heights!

is i''m sure the girls will do extremely well.

William said...

Dougie, thanks. With proper training, we will not faint due to little o2! So far, we have been surviving ok.
Just need to trust your own children!

Kong said...

So William, how much is the air ticket fare?

William said...

Kong... still don't know at the moment. I think it is quite expensive.