Saturday, January 24, 2009

hi everyone!

你好! ¡Hola! hello!

I have been invited by my dad as a co-author of his blog. Hmm...I wonder why. Maybe he thinks with my contribution maybe he could cater to the young (which is me *so perasaan*), middle-aged and old generation. Who knows the next co-author would be my maternal grandmother! hahahaha (but but but he would have to teach her to use the computer first).

Ok! for some of you who don't know me, my name is Janice. This i my picture:

doesn't show much of my face though

I'm currently in the UK studying medicine. Third year medic. 2 more years to go before I would have the title Dr. (wahahahaha). I have a blog myself but seldom update it due to 1. laziness and 2. being busy all the time *but it's laziness which is the main factor*. I like taking photos. I cook and bake cakes occasionally and what I do mostly during my free time is sleep. SLEEP. The best thing to do on earth.

that's all from me for now. Any particular updates you wana hear from me? please leave a comment! at least leave a comment to welcome me if not I will feel very shy then I won't dare to write another entry next time..haha :P


William said...

Janice, thanks for post. This is a good start. Perhaps you can contribute more in future. ... daddy

William said...

oh, I forgot to mention. This girl speaks Spanish!

FM Luder said...

pienso es posta muy bien! pero Janice tiena adormilada y perezosa... tsk.

Jon said...

What? Sleep?

Janice said...

Phil! i hv been through a 2 week intensive spanish course but I can't understand what u wrote. hahaha. i know something is very well, but janice has something something.

FM Luder said...

ahaha don't ask what i wrote... that's from my GCSE years =/ something along the lines of "it's a good post... but janice is lazy and sthsth"