Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breakfast favorites

Breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. I remembered that my late mother always cook the same porridge everyday. In the morning, a big bowl filled to the top like a little mount was always there waiting for me. Then, we have "fried" eggplant which I hate so much, salted eggs or fried anchovies (ikan bilis). That should last me one whole morning!

Nowadays, there are so much to choose from... healthy organic "salad" (1+organic food stall, Pustaka)

Organic noodle (made on site) with seaweed soup - again at 1+Organic

All time favorite - porridge at Lutong cafe ...

... or the oily fried kueh tiew (made from rice) from Lutong Cafe

Of course, the mee soup ... RM2.00

... or the laksa... RM2.00 only

... or this is what I cook for my kids every morning... fresh rice with veggie, egg, or minced meat or fish fillet. I only have 20 minutes to prepare this.
Direction to Lutong Cafe:
Go in the direction of Lutong town using the main road. You will come to Shell station on the left. Immediately on the right (before the road hump), turn in and turn right. You will see Lutong Cafe on the left about 100 feet away.


Borneo Falcon said...

Cheap laksa. Don't see a laksa with that price tag anymore

flower said...

hei wil, one bowl of laksa cost only rm2? where to eat.

William said...

You can find all of them in Lutong Cafe, except of course the last one which I cook for my children. In fact, Lutong has the cheapest food money can buy. Yes, the laksa is only RM2.00! Please, you all don't rush there or we have nothing left to eat.

flower said...

Do u have any pic of lutong "mee ah tack". His noodles always sell off before 9am. must go early if want to eat at his stall. I just can't understand why his noodles is so 'famous & laku'. Isn't it his blended chillies make it more tastier than anyone else?

William said...

Friend... hahaha ... pulling my legs!

Flower: No yet. Now that you have reminded me and I will make an effort to go there one of these days.
I think it is so famous and laku cos of their price and also it is "original". They have been operating there for a veeeery long time. Now they are selling at RM1.30. Used to be RM1.

flower said...

rm1.30 still cheap. if i go there, i normally order fried noodles plus one bull eye (egg). much more yummy with blended chillies added.have been quite sometimes don't go to mee ah tack already.

FM Luder said...

Those breakfasts look to die for! Especially my favourite, the laksa =D

I bet when you were in the UK you had a hard time choosing... I mean it's difficult when we have all sorts of breakfasts, ranging from cornflakes to rice crispies.

William said...

FM Luder,
You are absolutely right. I will just go for wheatabix!