Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Household Tip #1

How to unblock a blocked sink?

It is always very frustrating to see your kitchen sink blocking and water started to stay in the sink when you wanted it out. What would you do? Go out and buy a suction cap, call in a plumber, dismantle the piping system....etc?

My method is so easy ...
1. Use your palm and form it into a cup shape;
2. Place your palm over the sink exhaust hole;
3. Give it a few quick "pump" just like you are using a suction cap but now you are using your palm.

Note: Make sure that your sink has about 1-2 inches of water in there.

The water should now be released.

If the final section of the exhaust piping system is blocked, you need to flush the pipe first. How?

Use a flexible water hose, connecting one end to the water tap and switch on the water to the maximum. Thread the hose into the pipe (usually from the drain end) until it stops. Give it a few pull-push action to loosen any accumulated dirt. Withdraw the hose slowly. To give it a good wash, repeat it a few times. If your piping has multiple turn, this method may not work.

For safety, please remove any sharp object from the sink. Use your common sense to avoid hurting yourself. I am not responsible for any injuries that may arise from using my tips here.


Merryn said...

ur cupping with ur hands method seems like giving ur sink a CPR! :)

William said...

Merryn, come to think about it, you are exactly right! Hahaha... CPR. Very good thought!