Wednesday, February 04, 2009

snow in the UK!

According to BBC news, it's the heaviest snow in the 18 years!

It was a very very very pretty sight! I love the whiteness of it all!

stept took the photos

We built a snowwoman
Well it wasn't exactly built by us as the body was there when we built it.

photos nicked from my friend's facebook photo album:

We the aspiring doctors gave it a new face and a breast reconstruction.


snow-woman. overweight (possibly Cushing's syndrome). in the picture is the surgical team involved in its reconstruction. See that she's winking at the camera.! She must be very satisfied with the treatment!

Weather is pretty cold now. It is forecast that it will snow today and tomorrow. But I personally hope that it doesn't snow even though I like the snow so much! I still need to cycle to work!


FM Luder said...

good job on the snowman though he/she has had far too many pies. see all the evidence as the pies are stuck to his/her chest!

flower said...

such a beautiful scenery. i love it. how i wish malaysia snowing too cos i have never seen one. artifical one got lah, haha

janice said...

FM luder: thoes are not pies! potatoes. hahaha.

flower: yeah. Mines wonderland or the one in genting. SOmemore we hv to pay to go in! here, it's natural!

flower said...

Hello janice, yea, the entrance fees to The Mines Wonderland and Genting are very costly. For the sake of my children, I brought them once when they were young. I hope one day we will go "makan angin" and experience the natural snowing. God bless u and your two other sisters.