Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cash Deposit Machine "eat our $$"

My son went to the Cash Deposit machine at Maybank just now to deposit some money. However, after putting the money in, the machine display the message "This machine is temporarily out of service".
Many questions flashed across our mind... has the machine "eat" the money? Will the machine open the "door" and let someone take the money out? What should we do? What is meant by "temporarily"?
We look for phone number to call. We found a number 1300 88 6688. Called and waited for customer service to respond but no one pick up the phone. Frustrating! Finally, I realised that I have friends working for the bank. I called them and both of them assured me that the machine will need manual intervention and the money should be safe. However, we must report tomorrow.
But why should the machine displayed the word "temporarily"? I hope the bank understand the meaning of this word. We almost wanted to camp at the bank overnight! Also, why didn't the bank gives clear instruction on what to do? It is so frustrating!

Update: I called the bank at 9:00AM and she assured me that the money is safe. It is not the first time happening. So, remember, it seems that if you got money "eaten" by the machine, don't panic. However, we have to go to the bank to sign one form tomorrow and the fund should be in there.
Update 2: The money has been entered into my son's account after he filled in and signed a form. That evening, cold sweat was all over him because the money was not his!


kelvinsse said...

dont worry, it will be in ur account tomorrow.

i xperienced the same thing b4. & almost did what u tot of doing :) to camp at the bank is not a wise idea..

but i understand if you r feeding the machine with a large amount of money..

and it suddenly get tergendala it means a whole day of fustration..

chill out..

EstherHuiLee said...

Hi William,

I met this kind of problem before also at Maybank.

If the money didn't go in to your account, u may go to the Maybank office and fill in the form. They will ask when and what time you use the machine.

No worry, Bank got CCTV :) They can check for it.


Ian said...

It's quite common. Best to deposit during office hours then.

By the way, I've had the machine DESTROY my RM50 notes before. Basically rip it in half. Fortunately, it was during office hours and after some time piecing them together and determining how much that was, they changed the destroyed notes for me.

William said...

Ian, agree with you.

Regarding, the RM50 destroyed by the machine, this is not the first time I hear it. Now, something more to watch out for... my colleague found a RM1 in his stack of RM50. So he lost RM49!!! So, please do check your money b4 leaving the machine.

EstherHuiLee said...

Another case for me again yesterday at Maybank.

I'm trying to using my atm card to deposit cash because i can't remember my bank account number. Once i done the transaction and wanna get back my receipt and also the atm card, the card stuck inside the machine didn't come out and also the receipt.

I'm lucky because it happen while working hour and i asked for the bank staff for help.

William said...

EstherHuiLee, Kelvinsse, Ian,

My conclusion so far is that the machines are not very reliable but security is acceptable. It is also best to do the transaction during office hours.
Thanks for all your input. Now that we are being aware of the problem, we should not be worrying too much. So, continue to use the machine at your own risk.