Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yee started work in SOP

After studying Biotech in Leeds University, he decided to come to Sarawak and work in the "garden". The garden is none other than oil palm plantation which is 40 km from Miri town. Ok, he doesn't really work in the "garden" per se but in the lab. However, he has to go to the plantation to collect samples.
This is Yee... going to be a research scientist in the area of agricultural science... a field he least expected it!

... and I think this is the type of oil palm plantation he is in. You won't see the end of it.
Oh... another thing, after staying in UK for 4 years, he is now staying in the accommodation in the farm. He will sooner or later encounter lots of interesting insects, music of the jungle, birds, lizards, etc. But the air is wonderful!
Oh, by the way, he is a "uni-mate" of my three girls in Leeds.


Saf said...

Wow, your son graduate already. COngrats~! Now you can shake leg enjoy life ahhahah :D

William said...

Saf... hahaha... no ler. Not my son! He is a uni-mate of my daughters in UK. I only help him in his job search in Miri and then to settle down here.

Two of my daughters will graduate next June... hehe. My sons still have a long way to go.

William said...

Talking about saving money, you are quite right.
I wish I can speak Iban! My brother is very fluent in it!

Mrcoolku said...

I most probably also end up in palm oil plantation. Rural is not a problem as long as there are electricity, water and able to online. haha....