Saturday, January 10, 2009

All Time Favorites

I can consider the following three, in fact four, to be an all time favorites. I forgot to take a picture of kongpian which is extremely popular even today. It used to be very cheap and now, kongpian is RM0.20 a piece. Kongpian is best eaten when it is still warm or hot, ie, straight from the charcoal fired oven.

This is what we call Jin Jun Pian. It is soft and easy to chew. When you are hungry, the taste seems to be better. Kongpian is smaller and harder but was made with a generous sprinkle of sesame seed.

When I was small, this little "cake" was harder and normally not wrapped. But when they were wrapped, paper was normally used. Now, environment unfriendly material is used for wrapping. This "cake" is sweet and I can always remember the crunchy top which I think was from crystalined sugar, flour and egg.

I think I can call this dried noodle "poor man food". Cooking in its simplest form is to put it into boiling water, use fork or chopstick to loosen it and lower the fire. When the noodle is soft, scoop it up and mixed it with black soy sauce, MSG and some oil. It is then ready for eating.
Nowadays, I cook it in a different manner. I cook some minced meat + eggs + some vegge. When noodle is soft, put it into a sieve and run cold water over the noodle. Then I pour the noodle onto the meat, etc. Fried it for a little while, adding some oil and soy sauce.
My three boys said it taste fantastic.
It is unfortunate that not many people buy this noodle. People tend to buy "instant noodle".


FM Luder said...

I'll look out for that type of noodle here - but I doubt even the local Chinese supermarket sells it =(

William said...

It is possible that you may get them. If you do get them, and you do use minced meat, make sure that you mix the minced meat with some corn flour and soy sauce (and chopped garlic) if you have them. If not, just mix the minced meat with one egg (and soy sauce) and fry them... may be with some onion.
If you don't have soy sauce, you can use literally any other sauce that you like. Perhaps, I should give a little more details on how I cook it in future.