Saturday, January 10, 2009

Deceiving kindness

There is a company who gave very good retirement benefit to staff. Literally everyone who retires will become quite rich, perhaps millionaire. One fine day, the company announced that they are going to replace the retirement benefit scheme with another scheme which is going to be even better, ie, the financial return is going to be much more.
So, the company employed professional to give presentation to staff and also provided spreadsheet to convince the staff that the scheme was better. Many employee opted for the scheme.
However, within a few years, the scheme did very badly and the financial return was extremely poor.
The change was done at the time when:
  1. The stock market was on a bull run, ie, increase;
  2. The scenarios taken were very positive - everything good and nothing bad.
In this situation, people tend to be optimistic and fail to be realistic. The lesson learn is as follows:
  1. Never believe your company will change your benefit to something better;
  2. When you are dealing with something linked to stock market investment, just remember that whatever goes up will come down. Therefore, a balanced scenarios must be made, ie, you must consider the possible best and possible worse, ie, worse case which had happen.
  3. Don't be greedy.

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