Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Bye Tortoises

After 4 days 5 nights of "babysitting" these two tortoises, the two brothers, Timothy and Joshua, have to bid them farewell first thing tomorrow morning.
They "bathed" and changed water for them three times a day. They also fed them about five times a day with food pallet. They are supposed to know how to eat vegetable but I think they are used to instant food.

Instant food pallet that the tortoises have got used to!

I think they are well fed. They craw around in circle to a journey of nowhere. Perhaps they should be set free!


shutterhero said...

interesting entry. i mean i myself feel inspired. i wish to further oversea, too. London education attracted me but distance-wise Australia seems ok.

William said...

Thanks, shutterhero. Good that you feel inspired. Going overseas for further education is always good for a change. You see more, your horizon widen and you mature more. Otherwise, we are all like the tortoises here crawling in the circle and see nothing beyong the wall. Our knowledge and view will then depends on the views and information from others which are subjected to individual perspective. If you have opportunity, please go overseas, UK or US. Australia is too "Asian" - haha my view.