Monday, March 24, 2008

My three Daughters

How time flies... this was taken in 1988 during Janice's birthday. I baked the birthday cake, roasted a chicken and boiled some eggs. According to tradition, the eggs were supposed to be painted red. But then we felt that the red stuff may be unhealthy. So we stick to the natural colour of eggs.
Before we realised it, the children have grown up. There was a big gap whereby I have not taken any decent photos of my children. During my younger days, I took lots of photos. Then in 2004, digital photography got me and since then, I have taken some 30,000 photos.
A blink of the eye... my three daughters have become young adult. So it was time to leave home to study "somewhere". I brought them to UK in 2005 to see the universities in UK. I drove them all over the place... from London->Cambridge->Leeds->Manchester->Lake district->Scarborough->etc. The main reason why I brought them to see UK was to let them be prepared mentally so that they can go alone when time comes. Also, it was some sort of orientation to let them "experience" overseas so that it can motivate them to study harder. I have to say that the trip definitely excited them. The reward was that Stephanie secured a place in Leeds University to read Medicine.

I was the driver, driving them every where. Petrol was a staggering 90 pence (RM6.00) per litre. But then, it was still much cheaper to drive than using public transport.

Esther and Janice in London, 17th Feb, 2006. We stayed for only 8 hours in London. I told them that they can go to London anytime if they are studying there.

So I brought them to see some of the tourist places... St James' Park, London. Those swans in the lake will end up in the cooking pot if they are in Malaysia!

Windermere, Lake District.

Leeds University. It has the longest corridor in the whole of Europe. Almost all the buildings are linked.

Leeds University

On the way to Scarborough.

Eating ice cream in winter!

On departure, I cooked for them a nice meal.

Cooking runs in the family. Stephanie is now expert in preparing sushi. Pictured here are Maki and roto.

Roasted chicken by Stephanie.

Square and round roto.

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