Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday
This morning, the church was quite full. I hope that every Sunday will be like this.

Our new friends, Arpit and Jessica. They came to our Church a couple of times now. Wow... aren't they smart? I wish everyone can come like this to meet the heavenly king and to worship him. This is the correct attitude of every worshipper.

Later, I went to our Permyjaya BM ministry. With His help, our Pastor Chan is doing a fantastic job. There were more than 70 adult this morning. Praise and glory be to Him. Ps Chan is 3rd from right, back row. This morning, there was a distribution of 5kg bag of rice to the poor.

The youth from the church. Ps Chan is 2nd from the right. The people there like her very much. I think her avantage is that she can relate very well in their native language (Iban) there! Also, her heart is of the right attitude and also obedience to God.

In the afternoon, I baked one loaf of bread. Joshua like it "special". So he sprinkled some chocolate rice on them. Well, at least he ate the bread.

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