Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Saturday 16 Feb 2008
Esther told me that she has been successfully selected by her university for a one month student exchange program (27 May to 27 June) to Lund University in Sweden.
I have to say that we are all very happy for her and hope that she can make full use of the month long attachment to learn as much as possible and also to see the country.

Tuesday 19 Feb 2008
Joshua has been very excited about his new ability to read/do things blind folded. He is eager to show off his capability and whenever I brought him to the office, he will show off to my colleague. Initially no one believed him and they will bet with him. He ended up making more than RM70 so far! So he treated himself to some ice cream. This coming Friday, he will demonstrate in front of some 500 people during our annual family dinner!

Actually blind folded reading is not magic or something spiritual. There is a 1.5 days training program for children below 17. This is the so called activation of the mid brain. When the mid brain is activated, one of the obvious sign is the ability to read blind folded. Also, it will improve memory, concentration, etc. So, obviously, improvement in studies.

My New Toy

After waiting for a long time, I have taken delivery of my new toy. I think this new toy is taking fantastic pictures. It opens up a totally new photo taking experience. Those photos I have not been able to take with my D200 can suddenly be taken now with ease. The traditional method to take photos in a poorly lighted hall is to use a powerful flash (eg, Metz 76 MZ-5) which bounce light off something or to use an array of flash. To make use of the SB-800 with my D200 produce nothing decent. However, the SB-800 with the new toy seems to be able to take such pictures with ease!

The photos below are taken with the new toy during the Chinese New Year period ...

Lion troupe at Piasau 100 during the Open House

Mum & Dad

Ronald from HDS. Photo taken under strong red light without flash.

These students from Chung Hua Middle School did a fantastic performance at Piasau 100.

I noticed that there are quite a few girls playing the drum. Photo taken without flash.

Char Kuih made by James Wong

My colleague Ivy and her friend Andrew.

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