Thursday, February 21, 2008

21 Feb 2008
It is with great sadness this morning when I heard the demise of our dear brother in Christ Jan Van Regteren. His is now with the Lord and I know that he is now made complete and healed. I spoke to him only on Sunday and took a picture of him. He told me that he lost 20 kg.

20 Oct 2007 Taken during a seminar

He remain cheerful to the very last day. He shall be missed by many of us.

Brother James Wong has this to say:

Quote: "Bro Jan and I had a chat last Sunday morning after church service. Little did I realize it would be our last.

Though unwell, Bro Jan continued to soldier on God's work and asked me for some help to his ministry, Christian Literature.

I also remember visiting his cell group last year with Bro William Ting. Bro Jan was an excellent Cell Group leader who knew the discussed Word (sermon) well and we could see how much his cell group members appreciated his dedication and love for our Lord. I am sure people who knew Bro Jan would discover that the Dutchman was always friendly and righteous. Even at the last hours of his life, Bro Jan continued to think about his ministry in Grace Methodist Church. What a true disciple of Jesus Christ he was! We are so proud of him.

We thank God for this dear brother; a dear husband and dad, a dear friend to many, a dedicated soldier of the Cross, and a great blesser to many.

As our prayers and thoughts are with the Van Regteren family now, we are consoled to know that our Bro Jan is now in Heaven with our Lord.

We will always remember him fondly in our hearts, with love and thanks.

James & Roseline Wong
" Unquote

Name Above All Names
In 1st Corinthians our Resurrection.
In 2nd Corinthians our Sin Bearer
In Galatians He redeems us from the law
In Ephesians He is our unsearchable riches,
In Philippians He supplies Our every need.
And in Colossians He’s the fullness of the God head bodily.
In 1st and 2nd Thessalonian He is our Soon Coming King
In 1st and 2nd Timothy He is the mediator between God and man
In Titus He is our blessed hope.
In Philemon He is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother.
In Hebrew He’s the blood of the Everlasting covenant.
In James He is the Lord that heals the sick
In 1st and 2nd Peter He is the Chief Shepherd
In 1st, 2nd and 3rd John it is Jesus who has the Tenderness of Love
In Jude He is the Lord coming with 10000 Saints.
And in Revelation Lift up your eyes, Church
For your redemption Draweth nigh,
He is the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

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