Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cell Ministry
My Cell group has grown double in size overnight! Praise the Lord! Thanks to brother James for hosting the CG fellowship for the past few weeks and thanks to him for making all the networks and connections. Additions to the group are new comers to Miri who have just joined Shell. Also, we are very fortunate to have a couple who are deaf and dumb. Through them we are beginning to learn sign language and also learn how to do sermon discussion with them. They really felt welcomed and enjoyed our company.

Duan, Angeline, Michelle, Mike, Victor, Natalie, Louis, Wendy, Forbes, Yieng Eng, Peter, Yaw Min
William, Roseline, Kristy, Pr. Connie, Margaret, James

On 3rd February, it was our CG term to prepare the monthly tea. Here, you can see Duan and Angeline busy doing the cleanup. This is good ...

Mr. and Mrs Victor Hii were both enthusiastic in teaching the sign language. They were blessed with two very intelligent normal boys.

Kristy and Victor

Learning the 26 alphabets is quite tough. I have to admit that I can only remember a few of the characters. However, learning the few words is not that difficult. I think we all enjoy it. Here, you can see Jack being guided ...

See... young and old were very excited! There is now hope for us to communicate with them even more. This family integrate very well with us. At the moment, it is through written words.

The cell group always ends up in some really nice food! James is the expert cook and whoever is energetic will bring something. Adeline - Jack other half, never failed to cook something. Praise God for her. She never gave up and continues to cook fantastic food every week.

At the moment, the group starts at 8:00PM on every Friday. From next week onward (22 feb 08) we will start at 7:30PM.

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