Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Lutong Primary School 73-78 reunion

Talking about class reunion, it brought back lots of memories. They can be good or bad. And lots of surprises and also lots of laughter. It is as if a long lost brother or sister is finally found!
I was invited by my ex-colleague to help her record her reunion on camera. This reunion reminded me of my own reunion a couple of years ago. The sentiment and mood are exactly the same. So, if you have not have a reunion, you can consider to have one!
The surprises are always the same:
1. The worst performer in class is now a "big shot";
2. The naughtiest in class will still be naughty but could be very successful!
3. You will be surprised how many childhood buddies you don't recognise!
4. Recall of the naughtiest thing you did!
5. A time for apologies or forgiveness.
6. Well kept secret finally out in the open!

But one thing we must all remember, though we may have grown up, behave yourself!

BTW, I normally shoot event, actual day wedding, portrait and graduation photos. My fees is definitely affordable even though I shoot for Shell and Petronas.

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