Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pujut Bypass opening today

Today, a new road will be opened, ie, Pujut Bypass. This means that road users from Permy can go straight to Medan Kerbau directly, cutting the jam and extra distance. This also means that people wanting to go to the airport will probably cut travel time by another 10 minutes.

This gate will be opened for good this morning. But drivers must still be careful because the construction site is just beside the road and I expect people will be walking around.

One interesting note, I hope the photo above is the correct one because when I went to the site, a worker were blur and only said that the road will open this morning and then he was also pointing to the next road!


TZ said...

which airport?

William said...

TZ, No other than Miri Airport.

Anonymous said...

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