Friday, December 13, 2013

The 8-ball Tournament at Island Country Club

The final of the 8-Ball Pool Tournament was held at the Island Country Club, Miri, last weekend. We saw some of the very good players from around Sarawak and Brunei. The first prize money was around RM1000 at the beginning of the tournament. However, someone fattened the final prize to RM2500!
The finalists posed with the host, Henry, on the left and the event organiser Nigel on the right.
I think she was one of the only lady player and I should say that she played very well.
 Teddy, one of the finalists.
 Danny Pang from Bintulu delivered the final killer winning ball!
 The proud runner-up Teddy Wong from Miri.
The champion, Danny Pang from Bintulu.

This was the first time I did photoshoot in this sort of environment. I am very sensitive to smoke and luckily I wore a mask throughout the evening! Hahaha ....

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