Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A month has passed ...

When one is busy, time really flies! I just realised that it has been just over a month since I last did my update here. Ok, I have been working my butt off lately and I have also been very busy upgrading my own skill in order to be able to do my job even better!

Over the last one month, I suffered one system disk corruption! This disk corruption render my working horse dead and non functional for nearly a week. Fortunately, I did a 100% backup of all my photos which is a good 400GB! However, some very important Java scripts I have written for my Photoshop were mysteriously "lost". All the Actions I created for Photoshop were gone! This is minor because I can easily recreate them, except that this time, it is better than the last one. One other thing is that I have rewritten one Java Script which is now some 20 times faster than my last one!

Talking about data backup, I have always advice everyone to print their photos, especially those important ones. I keep hearing from friends that they lost many years of digital photos collection. So, you either backup or print some of them. This is probably a blessing and also a curse (depending on whether a disk crash happen to you or not) of digital photography and smart phone.

Ok, for those who are interested to do backup, read this article here and choose a software to automatically do backup for you!

BTW, if you are interested in long lasting prints, especially 4R, and printed using Epson inkjet printer, please contact me. The paper I use is ultra glossy which can survive soaking in plain water.I don't know of any commercial printer using inkjet to print 4R photos.

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