Thursday, April 18, 2013

Disgraceful Advert From BN

Last three days, the BN government put up a half page advertisement in See Hua newspaper trying to tell people how life would be like under PAS/hudud policies. Of course they are trying to preempt how life would be like with PAS/Hudud law being implemented.
The above appeared on Monday. 
It seems to suggest that non-Muslim only enjoyment are women, alcohol and fun at karaoke. How disgusting!
The above tell people how dull life would be when makeup has been taken away. But the BN gov forgot that beauty is your natural self rather than hiding behind a thick layer of artificial makeup. The right image was doctored to exaggerated the effect.
The above advertisement drove me up the wall!
I can say that this is the MOST insulting advertisement to humanity from BN government. What is wrong with someone who is not handsome or charming to do work for you? Are they not deserving to earn a living simply because of their look? The most important is that they are competence and not a bunch of retard who dare to put such a half page advertisement on See Hua Daily News. I call this a disgrace, discrimination cos of look and gender discrimination. Haih .... can't our gov be more sensitive and humane ? Or is our care taker government telling us that if you are not handsome or charming, you have no place in the society?


Anonymous said...

It shows what's wrong with them. And what's worse is that they don't realize it.

That is their mentality. Vote them out. Don't give them supermajority.

matthew said...

If there is no change,the country will continue to deteriorate as they are enjoying all the luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the people who work hard but have to suffer heavy tax and high cost of living.

William said...

yeah... true. Otherwise where do they get the money?