Sunday, November 04, 2012

SPM and STPM tomorrow

To all my readers, I wish you all the best in the SPM and STPM exam starting tomorrow.

On the positive side, especially those science students, I was made to understand that the passing marks for the science subjects could be as low as 20%! So, if you are doing last minute revision, make sure that you can do all the subjects/chapters you like most... perhaps choose a minimum of three chapters.

I had a glance at some mock exam papers and was stunted to find that some students actually scored a big ZERO in basic science. A simple question like "Name a natural preservative" drew a blank! What on earth are those students doing in class? I knew many students actually slept through classes or busy talking.

Reflecting back to 1973, I was panic stricken and study like crazy for the last 6 months as the future will be bad if I didn't do well. I already knew what I wanted to study/do. Imagine that while I was in Form 4, we have a successful photo studio/business. But nowadays, many students are still unsure.... perhaps too much computer games.

So, go to study if you are having to sit for exams. Luck could still be there even if it last minute preparation.

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