Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eye of typhoon hit Boulevard area?

Boulevard, Miri, looks like a war zone this afternoon. Many roads were blocked ...
 ... due to falling trees.
 Cars were damaged as branches came crushing down.
 ... more casualties...
 Branches snapped like matches!
So these unlucky few who parked under the trees will have surprises... I was told by one of the owners that   the insurance will not pay as it is an act of God. So I asked a shocked man, do you believe in God? He was not sure!
The huge damage was the driving school at Boulevard. The steel structure literally ripped off. In fact not a single roofing material left.
The classroom was wrecked ...

  Nearby the driving school, you can see the strength of the wind... this huge branch was of no match!
 ... another top of the tree was literally pinched off it trunk and thrown some 20 meters away!
 Nearby, the religious school has two gaping holes on the roof. The fire engine was on site just now.
 Surprisingly, or rather thanks God for it, the squatter areas was not too bad.
This huge branch was ripped off it trunk.
We have not seen such huge wind in Miri before.
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matthew said...

God's grace protected Mirians as noone was hurt during the storm.
God is great,all the time.

lasapka said...

you punya atap masih ada?

Philip said...

How common are storms this severe in Miri?

Kumang Sadinang said...

Philip...this is the first ever happen in 20 years.

Anonymous said...

It's only really severe around the Boulevard / Krokop region for some weird reason. I was around town when it happened and I remember thinking the winds aren't too bad.

I forgot which year, but there was one occasion where the winds were as strong and rooftops were also blown. Don't forget that the trees that fell at Boulevard were smaller then, and there was no driving school in that area. I suspect poor roofing construction/materials were part of the reason.

William said...

Poor construction is always the issue. But this sort of whirlwind is most powerful at the eye which is always the most powerful and create most damage.